★ Kriss Hidalgo ★

HI I’m Kriss. I am Finn in Explorandum I got into visual arts… from a young age I’ve been enamored with art, I liked to draw during class and attended art classes in order to seek to go to a local art school. Bak didn’t see my talents tho, it just helped me become a self learner; figure out who I was. I started lions-studios in high school on my own. Model, design, marketing, etc. That helped me learn how to really direct the whole process. My instagram started to match my abilities and agents started noticing. After getting scouted I got signed by Wilhelmina models. After 1 week with an agent, I got booked for Dior. Its been up from there ever since. I met Rafael right around when I got signed, and got offered to be in a music video. From there I connected with everybody on set and saw the foundation that was being built in my local area. Rafael then offered me to be play a role in Explorandum and wondered if I wanted to act, and decided to give it a try. And now the rest is history.  

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