★ Jeffrey Boles ★

I grew up in rural Alabama where I learned how to do two things: fix computers and creatively problem-solve while working on a farm. My IT monopoly of the area specialized in power-cycling the electronics of the old and the wise, while my work on the farm focused on precisely and delicately shoveling feed into the mouths of animals, then shoveling away the nutrient extracted byproducts.

Though the fame and glory of a shovel is unmatched, I wanted a simpler life, so I traded in my golden shovel for a camera and moved to South Florida. Along the way, I studied Computer Science at Auburn University and Cinema Arts at Palm Beach Atlantic University, where I met Cody Withrow.

Together, we founded SoapTree Media and were joined shortly afterwards by cinematographer and editor Mason Brown. Since then, we have produced a number of short films and documentaries including Lamar Odom’s A Better ManLighter: A Ketamine Documentary, “Slumber is Golden,” and “Sunday.” We also worked as production crew to create Very Nice and Explorandum.

We have worked alongside other local production studios to create videos for the Florida BAR Association, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Connections Education Center, and Jupiter Medical Center. Combined, the fundraising campaigns we have collaborated on have generated over $800,000 in charitable donations and secured longterm financial support for the only hospital in my Alabama home county.

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