EXPLORANDUM Trailer 2022


The disappearance of two teenagers last seen in the infamous Blood-Hill Forest unnerves a sleepy suburban community, and revives the cold case file of a missing child who disappeared in the same forest under questionable, possibly paranormal, circumstances. 
Alex (Elvis Sanchez), a talented but undiscovered singer looking for a chance to go viral and capitalize social media stardom, is on the hunt for his big break. On the verge of obsession, Alex’s preoccupation to become a star fills the void left by the untimely disappearance of his twin brother; the child who went missing in the Blood-Hill Forest many years earlier. His voracious appetite for creating viral content is supported by his enthusiastic friend, Finn. 
Finn (Kriss Hidalgo), Alex’s supportive creative partner, shares his friend’s insatiable need to garner attention online in his own search for stardom. Finn presents Alex with an intriguing story about a strange “paranormal app” that promises each user with a custom otherworldly experience; the perfect backdrop for filming a popular paranormal video. Without giving it much thought, Alex downloads the app and gets the coordinates to his creepy custom adventure. 
The duo embark on their “Paranormal Pioneer” journey, following the curated GPS coordinates that lead them into the dense woods of the infamous Blood-Hill forest. Finn, blinded by his own creative energy, encourages a reluctant Alex to keep an open mind, and split up on opposite paths to search the woods for interesting video content. 
Alex begins to sense their paranormal trip is fruitless and unproductive until the silence is broken by a strange, haunting voice. He nervously searches for Finn but instead stumbles upon an ominous glowing monolith in the woods. Alex approaches the monolith and is transfixed, a burst of energy and anachronistic events, violent and strange, fill Alex’s mind. Suddenly, everything goes dark. 
Upon awakening, Alex is greeted by an oddly familiar face. He is filled with hope and dread, knowing nothing will ever be the same again.

Special Thanks to Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission

Thank you for helping us finding the locations and get the permits.

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